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Activate the Right Points.

Is an advisory network for data strategy: research, analytics & statistical models based on machine learning & AI.

Delivers knowledge and methods for research, data and statistical models creation, usage, comprehension and communication.

Delivers intelligence for marketing, communication, processes, organization, policy making and corporate decision making.

Supports the empowerment and change of people, organizations and territories thanks to human and machine intelligence.


Research & Measurement

Understand markets, organisations and territories.
  • Market & Opinion Research
  • Political Survey
  • Stakeholder Listening
  • Media & Social Media Analysis and Monitoring
  • SDGs & Sustainability Ratings
  • Trends analysis
  • Dashboard & data Visualisation (BI)


Anticipate and optimize.
  • Budget Optimizers
  • Internet of things
  • Elections Forecasts
  • SROI/ Impact Assessments
  • Language-content Optmization
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Risk Analytics

Scenario & Strategies

Forecast, simulate, generate.
  • Multi-Stakeholder Workshops
  • Generative workshop
  • Market Dynamics Simulators
  • Policy impact simulators
  • Open Innovation & Stakeholder Engagement Platforms


Organisation and people empowerment (for and with strategic data usage).
  • Data Strategy Assessment & management
  • Training on Data Usage, Statistics, Models & Algorithms
  • Hacking Pedagogy (Awareness & Responsibility)


A trusted and growing network of professional and organizations highly skilled and wisely combined.

In Milan & London: aims to grow only on the base of the same values and style.

Works for





Among Clients & Partners

Believes in

  • Importance of Listening: centrality of clients’ needs
  • Exclusive Attention: high quality time
  • Intelligence: combination of human and artificial intelligence
  • Decision and Persistence: to make things happen
  • Competence: maximum knowledge for the proper solutions
  • Intensive Experience: high quality of delivery, effectiveness in execution
  • Relationships: for a proper contest understanding and management
  • Full Confidentiality

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